Advertising Pitch

Visual Designer
Share the Happy Bite was one of two idea routes in a pitch in line with the then ongoing “Pocky: Share Happiness!” campaign for Pocky.

I was tasked with creating a set of Key Visuals such as Point of Sales Materials to communicate the intended concept, as well as putting together the deck for the client pitch presentation.

I was tasked with producing a set of key visuals as part of the pitch process. Point-of-sales materials were supplemented by consistent visual language and taglines as part of campaign branding and activation.
Mediums for POSMs such as island displays, shelf talkers, aisle violators would accompany featured Pocky products in key locations such as supermarkets and convenience stores:

On top of the above, I also got the opportunity to structure and layout the deck for the final pitch detailing campaign ideas to be implemented throughout the Asia Pacific.
A second campaign route — How Will You Share It? — was explored in the latter half of the deck. Routes featured ideas for TV Commercials, display and outdoor ads, social media and campaign activations.

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This project took place during my time in Publicis Singapore. If you would like to know more about it (or other projects), please don’t hestitate to contact me.
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